Are you ready to start building your wealth without working even more hours every day?

I'm not the kind of person who believes that you were born to work as hard as possible, for as many hours as you can find in the day. You deserve to build an abundant future full of possibilities, but you've got to get out of your comfort zone.


In TMM: Investing for beginners, I'm going to deliver the rocket fuel that you need to stop doubting and start taking action.

It's time for a reality check...

Your money is taking a sabbatical in your savings.

I get it, it's a minefield out there & for a new investor, the option overwhelm is real. There's too much jargon, all the platforms sound the same & you're left asking WTF is an ETF?


The thing is, investing wasn't built for ambitious millennial ladies like you.


It was designed by, and for, middle aged men in suits. But you know what?

Times are changing, and you deserve to build your wealth too.


That's why in this programme, I'll cut through the confusion and bring the clarity that's missing, so you can confidently choose the best investment approach for you and start building your financial future.

Do you feel...

  • ​ready to begin investing but totally stuck on where to start?

  • confused and overwhelmed by the investment industry and knowing what the options actually are?

  • lacking in confidence when it comes to making bold financial decisions for your future?

  • worried or nervous about the risk of investing?

  • intrigued by investing but not sure if it's suitable for you and your money goals?

It's time to say goodbye to your doubts & start taking giant steps towards your financial future!

I'm Ellie, your money coach &

investing cheerleader

I started investing my money at 23 and five years later, I'm helping tonnes of ladies do the same.

It's not all that long ago that I didn't have my act together when it came to money - my approach to money management was more Missguided shopping that maxing out my ISA.


Fast forward a few years and I've got a five figure savings account & an investment portfolio making my money work for me every day. I've done all the Googling and unpicked the jargon so that you don't have to.

My goal is to help one woman at a time to start investing and play their part in closing down the £15bn (yes billion!) gender wealth gap and give women the confidence they need to start investing.


What you'll learn...

Part One

Why do women need to start investing? And why now?

Learn why investing is so important to building your future wealth.

This session is about the mindset, too. Investing isn't only about taking action - you need the mentality too.

We'll deep dive into what it takes to have a successful investor mindset and how to develop one.

Part Two

Forget The Wolf of Wall Street, let's talk about what investing actually looks like

(and no, there aren't yachts involved...)

Understand what it really means to invest your money and what it is that you can invest in.

Learn what you can buy and sell as an investor, along with how this affects the level of risk that you are exposed to.

Part Three

The hardest thing about becoming an investor is just starting.

If you're nervous about making a wrong move, this is the masterclass that will set aside your fears and empower you to press start on investing.

We break through the noise and jargon to simplify your options so that you can choose the method & platform for investing that is best suited to your own goals and risk appetite.

Part Four

Now you're ready to invest, discover how to set yourself up for long term success as an investor so that you can build your wealth year on year and make your Caribbean retirement a reality!

Learn about the things to look out for when you start to invest and understand how to avoid overwhelm. Feel confident in your strategy & know how to handle turbulent times without panic.

+ bonus Q&A expert session

We'll be joined by a financial planning expert to answer all of your questions about future finances!

Still on the fence? Here's what the alumni have to say...

Meet Emma...

Thank you so much for this course...

I feel like the word ‘empowered’ gets thrown around so much these days, but if it should be used it should be for the work that you are doing! After doing the course I feel empowered to take control of my money

Before the course began I knew I needed to invest but was completely clueless on how to do this and overwhelmed with all the jargon.

This has helped me to dramatically improve my understanding.

- Katherine W.
Testimonial from Natalie
Meet Natalie...
- Meg S.

Are you ready to join?

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  • 4 weekly live educational masterclasses

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  • Access to a private community to share motivation & encourage each other on your journeys

  • Lifetime access to all of the live recordings to revisit when you need a refresher

  • Downloadable jargon-busting guides to all things investment to help you along the way

  • Bonus live session with a guest financial expert to answer your financial future Q&A


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