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How to find the outfit you’ve imagined (without breaking the bank)

Have you received an event invite, been excited to attend and suddenly, the outfit question has dawned on you? I definitely have. The joy of being chosen to attend, the anticipation of what lies ahead all fades into the distance when you remember that you have to find an outfit to wear. The ultimate challenge scenario? You guessed it - the wedding invite.

When faced with the challenge of finding the perfect wedding guest outfit, there are typically three key factors to consider: the season, the wedding vibe and the spend. The season is the easiest one to handle (depending on where in the world you are), and the wedding vibe can usually be established from your knowledge of the bride and groom, as well as the location. Is it an outdoor venue? A destination beach wedding? A traditional church ceremony? All these factors will begin to narrow the pool of outfit options.

You know the season and vibe so you’re ready to head to the shops, right? Wrong. When you have a specific idea of what you want to find, often the internet is your enemy rather than your friend. You’ve got a vision of the outfit you want, which ticks all the boxes - but where do you find it? Even more importantly, how do you find it at an affordable cost?

Enter The Urge: a fashion search engine which helps shoppers to quickly and easily discover the items they’re looking for, without the hundreds of hours searching through brand sites. Too good to be true? I decided to give The Urge a go to see if it really could solve my wedding guest dress dilemma without emptying my pockets.

In the UK, we’re firmly into Autumn, the leaves are starting to fall and the temperature has dropped off a cliff within a two week period. Gone are the heatwaves and knitwear is safely back at the front of the wardrobe. For a wedding at this time of year, mini dresses, straps and floral prints are out in place of sleeved outfits, midi-length dressed and cosy, warm colours - I love a dark green emerald colour or burnt orange.

The Urge is super intuitive, making the search for your outfit very easy to start. First of all, I head to the dresses section where I choose midi or knee-length as I feel these will be most appropriate for the time of year and the occasion. I also opt for a maximum budget of £100, in order to take temptation off the table! Already, the page is filled with a range of options from a number of retailers. Still, I want to be more specific and The Urge offers the ability to do so. I narrow the colour choice from all of the options down to green or orange. The range of dresses which appear are aggregated from a number of brands, providing options with various fits and necklines for all shapes and sizes.

Luckily, one particularly catches my eye and ticks all the boxes in terms of length and colour - the Emerald Linen Look dress from Showpo. The bonus? The dress is currently on sale (plus international shipping only costs about £6).

The Urge simply acts as a search engine - so once you find your perfect piece you can click straight through to the retailer site, meaning no middlemen confusion or additional costs.

Oh, and the website has a hidden ‘work’ screen so you can sneakily hide your shopping when you’re supposed to be working hard. So clever! Long gone are the days of endless searching and stress when the event invites land.

All opinions are my own in this post, sponsored by The Urge.

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