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How to handle the holiday price heat

Every young child of school age looks forward to July with anticipation every year, with the promise of at least six weeks of freedom, exploration, no homework...otherwise known as the summer holidays. Is there anything more exciting as a kid? I think not.

Yet adulthood throws shade on the summer holiday and the typically unpredictable state of the British weather makes the craving for an escape even more intense. Until, that is, you log onto lastminute.com and check out the holiday deals in August. You refresh. Surely that can’t be right, £300 for an EasyJet flight to Spain? Ouch.

My top tip? The best time to go away for a ‘summer’ escape is, for the majority of people, September. Once the schools return, prices tend to return to normality and particularly in Europe, temperatures remain delightful through the month as Autumn looms back in England. Yet for some, there isn’t the option of September - particularly teachers, or in industries where August is seen as the calm before the storm. So what do you do without bankrupting yourself?

The key is remaining open minded. Being too fixed on a destination in peak summer season will most likely result in disappointment when you see the costs for a below average hotel. If you’re anything like yours truly, staying in a lovely hotel is integral to my holiday experience. With this in mind, often going a little off the beaten track can allow you to stay in comfort, relax and keep within your holiday budget. A great place to start is with SkyScanner and search ‘everywhere’ and see what turns up.

How do you handle the holiday season? Where do you go to escape burning holes in your pockets?

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