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How to navigate the Boxing Day sales on a budget

‘Tis the season to spend spend spend in the lead up to Christmas, with presents, festive food and plenty of alcohol on the shopping list. Nevertheless, as soon as the clock strikes midnight on 25th December, retailers around the globe get excited and start bombarding our inboxes with their Boxing Day promotions, thanks to always on nature of e-commerce. In fact in recent years, the emails have started to arrive on Christmas Day itself, creating the feeling that you can’t ever totally escape from the reach of brands. With offers tempting you to part with cash left, right and centre, it can be challenging to stay strong and resist, so here are my top tips for navigating the sales on a budget.

1. Sale shop with intention

It can be incredibly tempting to get carried away in sale fever, buying clothes and appliances you didn’t know you ever needed. We’ve all been there, buying an ‘on trend’ outfit which seems a steal, only to find it at the back of your wardrobe 12 months later. Save your pennies and make a list of all the full price items that you are willing to buy at full price ahead of the sales starting, and limit yourself to only buying items on the list. This way, you know you are buying something you value rather than getting carried away in the sales hype.

2. Unsubscribe in anticipation

If you’re anything like myself, you’ll find your inbox constantly filled with email marketing from brands you’ve shopped with once, yet you never quite make it round to unsubscribing. Every time you click on open, you’re sending a signal to the marketeers that you’re interested and you’re signing yourself up, inadvertently, to receiving a whole new round of sales messages. The volume becomes particularly overwhelming in peak sales periods such as Black Friday and Boxing Day, so save yourself some stress and put aside ten minutes to unsubscribe and junk filter any unwanted brand emails.

3. Detox from the digital world

Finally, one way to avoid the online sales completely is a full digital detox over the Christmas period through to New Year. It might sound extreme, but we spend the majority of our time connected nowadays and this is the one time of the year when it is possible to switch off, disconnect and be present with those around us. The reality is that when you rejoin the online world, there will still be sales, promotions and brands trying to catch our attention. So try logging off and enjoying the sales-free festive period.

This post was originally written for Tandem Bank.

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