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Let's talk about money.

Welcome to This Girl Talks Money: a space for taking on the challenge of making money talk mainstream and helping millennials to master all things spending, saving and beyond.

So, why do I care about making money talk mainstream?

Well to put it simply, I am female. And a millennial. I’ve spent years reading articles and being slated for being a latte-loving avocado-buying twenty-something. But the reality? The combination of being born at a specific time and being one gender over another means that millennial girls face an uphill battle in all sorts of money matters.

It’s 2019, we live in a #equality era and yet the gender pay gap is still going strong - but is it any wonder when a study found that at home, boys still receive 15% more than girls for doing the exact same chores? We also live in a country with an ageing population, house prices which have rocketed past salary rises and the burden of student finance (which our parents did not have to handle). I hear all these facts and figures regularly, but there’s one thing no one seems to be talking about: what does it actually mean for us?

Through this little corner of the internet, my aim is to deal with these questions head on and start the conversation, answering the questions I wish someone had helped me out with a couple of years ago and opening up the floor for more money conversations.

P.S. I am not a financial advisor by any means - everything I have learnt about money has been through my own experience and research on my own personal mission to become financially confident.

Oh and FYI - I am based in the UK and all my experience is based on the banking, legal and tax systems here in England (although all the day-to-day tips are pretty global).

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