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My latest break up story

Updated: Feb 4

Not so long ago, I counted down excitedly to every Friday night knowing that it was the time of the week to fire up a delivery app and order whatever delight I fancied. Whether it was Pizza, Thai food or my personal favourite, Indian - I wouldn’t think twice about a takeaway and a glass of wine to celebrate the weekend.

Until slowly but surely, the reality of this routine started to become clear and what I actually had been envisaging was not what appeared on my doorstep. The idea of the takeaway was actually what I craved, rather than the disappointment that accompanied every delivery. Cold, soggy, delayed...and that’s before we even get to the cost.

As you probably know if you're here, I’m all about spending well. I can’t get on board with preaching frugality when I don’t practise it and honesty is the best policy - we definitely need more of it when it comes to money. So after another disappointing delivery, I took stock of the situation. When I go to a restaurant and spend £30, I expect a high quality meal served warm, presented well and a great atmosphere. Of course, you exchange the good vibes for the convenience of delivery but it struck me that I was mostly missing the quality too.

As a result of this realisation, I decided to break up with Deliveroo. I deleted the app and thought about what it actually is that I want when I click on the symbol and scroll for a meal option. I realised quickly that it is the effort-free ease of deliveries which make them so appealing. When you don’t want to cook. When you don’t feel healthy. When you want to be indulgent with your food choice.

For me, fakeaways don’t tick the substitute box because they involve too much effort. If I’m feeling tempted to order a takeaway, it’s not because I want to spend an hour in the kitchen rustling up a Tikka Masala or Pad Thai. Yet supermarkets are well versed in fun food, so I started stocking up on a few basics (I’m a major frozen potato waffle fan) and outrageously easy to cook options such as filled pasta. Friday night turned from a £30 minimum spend to a £10 maximum, and the best part? I enjoy the whole meal far more than those disappointing evenings facing costly food disappointment.

I’m not fully reformed - I still have a weakness for an Indian which I really haven’t found a substitute for - but it’s all about balance, after all. I’ve saved over £100 in the last couple of months alone by staying strong and resisting the lure of Deliveroo and in all honesty, I can’t see it making a comeback in my phone this year.

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