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Self care doesn't have to mean spending

Self care doesn’t have to mean spending. You’re tired and feeling a bit under the weather, so the default course of action is to go shopping or book a spa break, right?

Often we’re told that self care is synonymous with spending money - whether it’s on food, escaping to the countryside or brand new clothes - yet more often that not, what we’re really seeking is relaxation and escape from the stress we feel under.

If you’re under financial pressure, short term spending only leads to longer term stress so here are a few ideas for self care without spending.

Get outside and explore nature

Take a time-out and schedule some time to go out into nature to breathe in the fresh air and relax. Even if you live in a busy city, often you’re not too far from a patch of green so give yourself an hour to explore and disconnect from the always-on world we live in.

Start a gratitude journal

I’m still relatively new to this one, however I have found the practice of journaling every morning very cathartic and a positive way to start the day. I’m not naturally a morning person, so spending a couple of minutes first thing in the morning focusing on gratitude switches my mind to positive.

Set aside 20 minutes to follow a YouTube stretching routine

YouTube is the content king, but it isn’t all about watching influencers unbox their latest goodies. There are plenty of channels dedicated to sharing fitness and yoga routines which you can follow along for free, in the comfort of your own home. Equally, if you’re not a yogi, try a stretching routine - especially if you’ve been sitting at a desk all day.

Take a long bubble bath

Baths are the ultimate in de-stressing. The danger of dropping anything electronic in the bath is a perfect reason to shut all technology out of the room and focus on chilling out. Take a magazine with you and sink into the bubbles.

Put airplane mode on & settle down with a book

Reading is one of my favourite forms of escapism and self care. On holiday, when in a totally different location and time zone I can often devour books without distraction yet here, I struggle to totally sink into a book. Putting my phone on airplane mode is one method I have found of reducing the stimuli around me which distract from reading.

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