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Spending: What I'd tell my younger self

In my new content series, TGTM with, I’m asking female founders and entrepreneurs what they wish they’d told their younger selves about money mindset and management, from all things spending to saving money and beyond. I’m asking other ladies to think back, so I figured that it would only be right to ask myself the same question: what would I tell my younger self about spending money?

You probably don’t need another pair of shoes

I’ve admitted it. I can only imagine the exasperation from my family when I chose to (yet again) spend any money I accumulated on yet another pair of highly impractical shoes to wear to a nightclub where they’d come back sticky, only to be replaced by the next pair. I still have a weakness for shoes, but I also have more perspective and critically, practicality when it comes to purchasing decisions. Still, I’m never saying bye to my Louboutins.

Make the most of your student discount

Oh, the good old days. Not that I needed to spend any more money than I did as a student (I didn’t embrace student living to the full, not gonna lie) but I didn’t fully appreciate the fact that one day, everything would become approximately 20% more expensive in the absence of that trusty discount. It turns out adulthood isn’t just hard work, it’s expensive. Nowadays, hunt down those deals when you can.

Cheap isn’t always better

Obviously, I’m talking about alcohol. Pre-drinking on the cheapest spirits at the supermarket isn’t effective spending, it’s normally asking for the mother of all hangovers and chances are, the hangover will cost you more in Deliveroo than spending an extra £5 or £10 for spirits which don’t resemble cleaning products. To anyone reading this who has yet to realise this, step it up girl. You’ll thank me later.

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