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TGTM Wedding Diaries: Crystal Ball Vision

One thing I discovered rather quickly is that the world of weddings works in a scarily future-state, unlike the majority of life. Yes, we often have future goals such as buying a house or going on a big holiday, but it is very rare that we are ever asked to pin down an exact date, one or two years in the future (especially when you’re like me and barely know what next week’s schedule looks like). It feels a little like looking into a crystal ball and designing what you see in the future.

However in the world of weddings, everything seemingly must be planned somewhere between 6 to 12 months in advance at the bare minimum, plus if you are looking at a popular venue or date, you can easily slip into two years ahead. For a generation being told consistently to live more in the moment, it’s a mindset shift which is quite unnatural. After all, us millennials are all about instant gratification, right?

Once the reality of the cost of weddings becomes clear however, the long countdown timeline makes all the more sense and you find yourself doing the sums, wondering whether adding another year might actually be the better option. I figure I should make something clear here: this wedding diary isn’t about a ‘budget’ wedding. We are fortunately in a position where we will not be trying to make our dream wedding happen on a teeny tiny fund (more on this down the line) and I want to be honest with you all - I am not going to be getting married on a shoestring. At the same time, I have grown up questioning my princess credentials and so creativity with the budget and bringing our (*my) vision to life is going to be pretty key!

Unless you have an unlimited pot of money, creativity and compromise are essential to avoiding a wedding-related nightmare or meltdown. I think I am pretty low maintenance however I like to do things well one of the biggest creative decisions around our wedding has already been made! I will share all in a couple of weeks but in the meantime, I am on the lookout for creative floristry inspiration because, well, flowers don’t survive all that long. I love the idea of beautiful, overflowing floral arrangements but this is one area I’ve circled where I can look outside the box and be a little creative. If you have any ideas or inspiration I would love to know so send them my way!

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