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TGTM with Lori Loves

Meet Lori - a wedding & portrait photographer at Lori Loves Photography based in London! Lori specialises in fun and relaxed, documentary-style wedding photography for romantics and dreamers, and also helps small UK brands and businesses perfect their online presence through clean, pretty, and cohesive imagery!

When was the last time you checked your bank balance?

I have actually started getting better at checking my bank balance most recently. So the last time I checked my account was yesterday, in fact!

For the longest time, I've had a very poor relationship with money. Checking my bank account would usually result in sweaty palms and heart palpitations, and if I could avoid logging into my banking app, I would! But I have finally decided to ditch that attitude, and, thanks to a few new *books, I am feeling more in control than ever before!

How have you learnt what you know about money and finance?

I have never been good at saving or being frugal with my money. I still know very little when it comes to managing my finances and what I do know I have learnt through basic experience and conversations with friends. But, now being a business owner, I've had to consciously make a massive shift in my mindset toward money and how I handle it.

Thankfully there are a lot more resources out there now and with the rise in podcasts and blogs, there are a lot more people (This Girl Talks Money!) openly talking about their experiences with self-employment/freelancing and money!

When was the last time you had an open conversation about money? With who and why?

My boyfriend and I talk about money quite a lot. With the two of us both being freelance and the hopes of buying a flat/house in the near future, it's a subject we can't afford (pun intended) to shy away from. Sometimes the conversations can get quite emotional and heated (usually on my part), but after 9 years together, there's nothing we can't/won't talk about together. To maintain a healthy relationship, I think you have to be comfortable talking about these things with your partner.

Has money ever been an issue between you and someone close to you?

YES! My goodness yes. Money was definitely a huge catalyst for a lot of my struggles throughout my late teens and twenties, especially during my college years and the immediate years post-graduation. But I think there has always been this pressure on young people fresh out university/higher education to know exactly how to function and survive in the 'real' world and on a very low income! Thankfully, it does seem like a lot of the traditional expectancies (i.e. job, house, family, etc) are slowly changing course and now there's not so much pressure to do these things by any certain age or in any particular order, which I think will ultimately help change the stigma surrounding finance and the way we view and approach life in general!

If you could talk to your younger self about money, what would you say?

What wouldn't I say! I would likely tell my younger self, given the chance, that having money isn't everything and that 'retail therapy' is never the answer, nor does it help.

What is the biggest investment you’ve ever made in yourself / your business? Was it worth it?

In the same year, I had to upgrade my camera equipment and my laptop! Both were huge investments with price tags that still make me feel physically sick, but both pieces of kit were necessary to do my job and will ultimately pay for themselves in the long run. But! My most recent, and, truthfully, my favourite investments, while very small in price, have paid off in ways I will always be thankful for! Firstly is my membership to a directory and community of awesomely cool and friendly wedding suppliers called Wedding Breakfast Club, which, in only a few short weeks, has already done wonders for my mental health! Secondly is my gym membership, again this is something that has triggered as a positive for my productivity, mental health and overall wellbeing! Thirdly is *the book 'Profit First'! I would highly recommend all freelancers read this book!

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