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TGTM with Meg Sloan

Meet Meg, a Self-Worth Coach who empowers purpose-driven women to ditch self-criticism and doubt, put their own needs first and start taking action towards their dreams through 1-1 coaching. Meg also has a group programme that will be launching next year!

When was the last time you checked your bank balance?

This morning! I try to check my finances daily to see what’s coming in and out.

How have you learnt what you know about money and finance?

My fiancée is an accountant and my dad is really good with money and finances so I’ve learnt a lot from them. I’ve also been making a conscious effort to read up on things more and follow inspirational and informative accounts about money on social media. Obviously This Girl Talks Money is my fave!

I completed Ellie’s Investing for Beginners programme earlier this year and this really helped me to understand investing and how to make your money work for you.

When was the last time you had an open conversation about money? With who and why?

My and my fiancée tend to discuss money openly on a weekly basis. We have a mortgage and share our bills so it’s important that we are on the same page with our finances.

Has money ever been an issue between you and someone close to you? 

There’s no major issues coming to mind. In my close relationships I try to be open about money so that never happens. I can imagine that having been on shared holidays and hen dos, at the time of organising there would have been some disagreements about who owes what, but they never turned into full-blown issues thankfully.

If you could talk to your younger self about money, what would you say?

Learn more about it sooner! I can’t believe we don’t get taught about this in school, it’s so important.

When I went to get a mortgage I had a terrible credit score as I’d never had an overdraft, credit card or anything on finance in my name. I worked out that it’s better to have a small debt or loan and pay that off than to have never shown your ability to pay things off. I now have a credit card that I put a small amount on each month and pay it off.

What is the biggest investment you’ve ever made in yourself / your business? Was it worth it?

I’ve invested in myself and my business a lot this year. I used to be someone who would save and save and never spend anything. 2020 made me realise that having freedom means actually spending some of your money, rather than just hoarding it for no reason!

My biggest investment in my business was signing up for my coaching qualification – it was definitely worth it as I’m learning so much about how to support my clients and even more tools to help them achieve their goals. Personally, the biggest investment I’ve made is my house deposit. This was definitely worth it – it’s a big responsibility but I love my house so much! It’s my safe space.

Where can we find out more about what you do?

You can find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meg_sloan_/

To find out more about me and my coaching visit: www.megsloan.co.uk

You can also download my free guide or book a free Discovery Call on my website

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