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TGTM with The Independent Girls Collective

Meet Julia Day, business coach and founder of The Independent Girls Collective, a membership platform which equips female business owners with the knowledge and confidence they need to build a profitable, sustainable business.

When was the last time you checked your bank balance?

Yesterday. At the moment I’m trying out a new way to budget where I put a certain amount of money in my Monzo account every day depending on what I’m doing, and leave the rest in a different bank account to see if I spend less day to day. So far, so good!

How have you learnt what you know about money and finance?

I used to be an accountant! So it’s fair to say I know a lot about money and managing it. With personal finance, back in 2015/16 I was absolutely obsessed with The Financial Diet and used to read their blog every day on my lunch break and that was my journey into being interested in personal finance and starting to think about the way I used my money.

When was the last time you had an open conversation about money? With who and why?

A few days ago with one of my coaching clients. She’s on the way to leaving her job to go full time with her business, so we were planning how she would do that, what she wants to be regularly earning through her business each month before she hands in her notice and how much she wants to save beforehand so she has a safety cushion.

Has money ever been an issue between you and someone close to you?

I’ve always been super ambitious and very career-driven, and in previous relationships that’s meant that I out-earned my partner and they ended up borrowing money from me which they didn’t pay back, but did continue to spend their own income on things like clothes and nights out instead. Lesson learned - don’t lend money unless you’re comfortable with potentially not getting it back!

If you could talk to your younger self about money, what would you say?

You really don’t need to buy new clothes every time you get paid.

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