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Sex, drugs...and money?

Do you know how much your best friends, colleagues or boyfriend earn?

Welcome to 2019. We’ve broken down barriers to talk openly about politics, sex and recreational drugs, in open forums and in our own intimate groups of friends, yet there still remains one elusive taboo subject we’re dodging: money.

We organise nights out and holidays away with groups of friends, all on the assumption that everyone can afford the same level of spending. We’re all millennials, right? We date others, argue about who picks up the cheque and often split the bill, because hashtag equality. We forget to repay the £30 borrowed to cover the dinner bill - because we can afford it so surely so can others.

We talk about living together with other halves, even getting married and buying houses together. We pick up small habits about their spending - whether they are tight, or overly generous; whether they are always on credit or cash spenders - yet rarely know the answer to whether they are in debt or sitting on a chunk of savings. Is it any wonder that a 2018 study found that money issues were the main reason for divorce?

Money talk makes us uncomfortable - but so do arguments, resentment, fallouts and ultimately, relationship failures - whether that is friends, family or SOs. From the outset, it looks like we are actively choosing to risk the future of our most valuable relationships, for short term discomfort and a bit of awkwardness.

Why do we do this? And more importantly, how do we change this?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Drop a comment below or DM me @thisgirltalksmoney.

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