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Wedding Diaries: Time to Talk

It’s about time we talk about weddings (aka possibly the most expensive day of your lives). If you’re not a bride-to-be, no doubt you’ll have been sheltered from the vast number of groups, discussions and threads relating to weddings scheduled for this year. Chances are, though, you do probably know someone who is having nightmares about their impending wedding or have already had the wedding (or the preceding stag / hen parties) cancelled as a result of the C-word. Of course, we’re in an unprecedented time and people are being affected in so many ways, so what can you do if you’re a bride-to-be and your wedding date is looking increasingly unlikely?

Speak to suppliers

Without doubt, the first place to turn is your venue or biggest supplier (if you’re opting for a marquee wedding). Even for those with wedding insurance, a pandemic is likely to be classed as a force majeure meaning that it isn’t protected so your best option will almost certainly be to postpone and move your wedding to a later date. Luckily, many venues do seem to be happy to help their couples and are rearranging weddings at no additional cost. Of course, the number of weddings which will be postponed over the course of the UK lockdown means that dates may become increasingly difficult to find, so do bear in mind that you may need to be flexible here.

Communicate with guests

If you’ve got a spring date, it’s likely that you have already had guests enquiring as to whether the wedding is still going ahead or sadly, some pulling out in advance due to health issues. Whilst it isn’t a task any bride and groom ever anticipate, the sooner you communicate that the original date is no longer happening, the sooner you will feel less stressed and more in control. Anxiously waiting until the date gets closer is only going to cause you more stress. Guests will be fully understanding and often, probably relieved to hear that you are postponing the wedding.

Cancel travel plans

With wedding postponements come stag, hen and honeymoon postponements too. In terms of the stag and hen, speak to whoever is chief organiser and contact the relevant venues to see whether they will refund you, or at least partially refund you. Recoup the costs where you can and as an alternative, think about how you could organise a virtual stag or hen party! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create an online party playlist and all listen at the same time during the party - you can throw in as many old songs as you like and no one will be able to change the song!

  • Play party games: a lot of traditional hen or stag party games (such as mr & mrs) can still be played remotely, or how about a quiz?

  • Eat together: you can host a virtual cook-a-long if you fancy getting creative in the kitchen, or alternatively you can all order a takeaway to your houses to eat online together!

  • Dress up: social distancing isn’t any excuse for cancelling a dress up, so make sure you decide on a theme and show up to the camera in full gear!

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