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Welcome to the TGTM Wedding Diaries 🎉

Incase you happened to accidentally stumble onto this post with your eyes shut, I’M GETTING MARRIED. Six weeks ago, my boyfriend surprised me with an “anniversary” trip and I came back with a ring on my finger!

It turns out that being a bride-to-be is the ultimate project for a girl who likes to research, plan and pin pretty ideas and luxury hotels, however the reality of wedding planning and the effect of the W word on prices very rapidly brought me back down to planet earth. The average wedding in the UK is now hitting over £31,000 which is almost the entirety of the average national salary (£35,423 reported by the ONS).

As a textbook millennial living in Zone 2, spending a hefty amount of my income on rent and trying to carve out a career, getting married is the most exciting prospect and I cannot wait to be a bride! At the same time, there is no hiding from the fact that the “picture-perfect” pressure surrounding all things wedding is real and I am here to document the ups, downs, high (prices) and lows of my wedding planning journey. I am going to be fully transparent about the decisions we make, the way we fund our wedding and hopefully pull back the curtain a little on the reality of the most expensive day of our lives.

I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me!

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