Are you tired of having nothing to show for all your years of hard work? 

I get it. You're probably reading this and feeling like paying off that credit card debt or saving an extra few hundred pounds per month aren't within your reach. Or that you'll eternally feel guilty for spending money on things you enjoy because you *should* be saving it. You are capable of the financial confidence you desire. It is all within you - you just need the toolkit to get you there.


Do you work hard, get paid well yet still find yourself with an empty bank account at the end of each month?

Despite your best intentions, do you feel trapped in a constant cycle of living payslip to payslip?

Do you find yourself self sabotaging your efforts to improve your money mindset with impulse spending?

Do you constantly feel 'behind' when it comes to making progress financially?

Are you ready to pay off any debt, start building your assets and develop healthier spending habits?

Your financial glow up is here!

The Money Makeover is an eight-week intensive programme designed for hard working, ambitious millennials who feel frustrated with their empty bank account every month and want to take control of their money so that they can reach their financial goals faster.

Over the eight week programme, you will:

- hunt down and combat your money demons 

- get out of your own way when it comes to your money mindset + nurture a healthier relationship

- spend less without any stress (no frugal living here) + keep your social life

- make your hard-earned cash work harder for you

- confidently start conversations about money you've been avoiding + totally own them

- future proof your finances so you can turn your dreams into reality

Wondering why you should believe me?

I'm Ellie, your new financial bff & I'm here to transform your life!

Not all that long ago, I totally didn't have my act together when it came to money. I lived in fear of my bank balance, paying for nights out instead of protein on my plate, never knowing whether my card would get declined. 

After saving over £10,000 whilst living my best life in London gave me the security to walk away from a career that made me miserable, I'm passionate about helping females to take control of their money and not let money rule them.

I've paid off multiple credit cards in full (without ever paying any interest), prioritised holidays to 5* hotels across the globe - oh, and bought my first property in London at 27.

In my business, I work with brands and publications to create the financial content you actually want to read, alongside running private webinars & hosting my real talk podcast on money, Take it to the Bank.


Now I'm ready to help you to take charge of your relationship with money so you too can make your financial dreams into a reality.

Here's what's waiting for you inside...

Week 1: Your financial health check

You can’t navigate blind. To get to any destination, you have to know where your starting point is. Build a crystal clear picture of where you are right now with money, so that you can map out how to get to where you want to be.


Week 2: Rewriting the story book

We all have an internal dialogue when it comes to money which causes our money blocks. Understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do around money.


Week 3: Private session #1

Let's dig deep. The first two weeks are intense and may uncover a lot of thoughts, feelings and insight about how you behave with money. In our first 1-2-1 session, we will explore your findings from weeks 1 + 2, dig deeper into any blocks and prepare to make major shifts over the coming weeks


Week 4: How to get out of your own way

Get to grips with the toolkit you need to switch up your mindset and take control of your thoughts about money.


Week 5: Spend less with no stress

How to streamline your finances so effectively that you spend less money without saying bye to your social life.


Week 6: Let’s talk about money

Talking about money will transform your life, so get ready to learn how to confidently raise the topic when it matters.

Week 7: Future proof your finances & plan ahead for success

How to make sure you smash your future goals, spend wisely and set yourself up for a life without financial stress.

Week 8: Private session #2

In the final week, we will talk about your specific goals and how you can best achieve them with alignment and ease. We will also celebrate how far you’ve come and toast to the future!

The Investment

8-week small group programme

6 x weekly live small group workshops 

2 x one hour 1:1 private sessions

1 x guest transformation workshop  

24/7 access to support and guidance

Access to a private Facebook group exclusively for The Money Makeover community


Payment plans available

The doors are now closed for 2020 but if you'd like to be the first to hear about TMM 2021, sign up below

Still on the fence?
Take it from these ladies...

"Before working with Ellie, I couldn’t see the wood through the trees. I had amassed a fair amount of debt and lost the ability to see how I could clear it. That’s a pretty terrifying head space to contend with.


Ellie came up with a clear and concise action plan to help. I’ve now paid of 2 credit cards in full and have a clear plan as to how I’m going to shift my final debts.


The best thing about working with Ellie is the sense of calm she brings to what is a very personal and very worrying situation. She made me feel that everything would be ok and she was right! She addresses how to get out of the current situation whilst applying long term strategies to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes again.


She’s been instrumental to helping me have a better relationship with money!"

- Jess Sims, Founder of The Doers

"Ellie was amazing at guiding me through a tricky negotiation with one of my main clients. 

She was super helpful in helping me define my service and my worth against market averages. Her ideas and strategies helped me to redefine my money mindset and figure out how to negotiate a better deal between myself and my client, without her I'd probably still be umming and erring about actually going for it!


Thanks so much for encouraging me to take action and aim for more"

- Lizzie Bielicki, Founder of Sunday Creative Studio

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